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About Us

juniper  noun   'jü-nə-pər'
A coniferous tree or shrub (genus Juniperus) with up to 70 various species spanning the globe. Tough and rugged, this evergreen is most acquainted with its legendary resiliency and ability to thrive in the harshest climates, conditions, and adversity. A tried and true natural badass.

The Juniper can be found dotting the landscapes of the greatest elk and mule deer habitat in the world.


Who We Are


Generations of hardworking families with a rich history in ranching, agriculture, and big game hunting are the foundation of Juniper Meat Company. 


Family-owned and Utah based, we dove headfirst into our dreams of self-employment to better serve our community and pass on the values and skillsets to our children of being self-sufficient and good stewards to the land. 


We have had extensive, successful, and passionate careers in the service of our beautiful country and our local communities. I have the hairline and anti-depressant prescriptions to prove it. We are accomplished and dedicated professionals.

It is the enduring fulfillment of hard work and the addiction to improvement after failure that drive us to provide the absolute best service and superior quality products over the competition. 



A daily question we ask ourselves to stay grounded, happy, and moving in a purposeful direction towards success and to accomplish our goals.  

Dad's Bull.jpg
My Dad's first archery elk, 1987
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